The psyverse::opts object contains three functions to set, get, and reset options used by the escalc package. Use psyverse::opts$set to set options, psyverse::opts$get to get options, or psyverse::opts$reset to reset specific or all options to their default values.



An object of class list of length 4.


It is normally not necessary to get or set psyverse options.

The following arguments can be passed:


For psyverse::opts$set, the dots can be used to specify the options to set, in the format option = value, for example, encoding = "UTF-8". For psyverse::opts$reset, a list of options to be reset can be passed.


For psyverse::opts$set, the name of the option to set.


For psyverse::opts$get, the default value to return if the option has not been manually specified.

The following options can be set:


The default encoding used to read or write files.


### Get the default encoding psyverse::opts$get(encoding);
#> [1] "UTF-8"
### Set it to UTF-8-BOM psyverse::opts$set(encoding = "UTF-8-BOM"); ### Check that it worked psyverse::opts$get(encoding);
#> [1] "UTF-8-BOM"
### Reset this option to its default value psyverse::opts$reset(encoding); ### Check that the reset worked, too psyverse::opts$get(encoding);
#> [1] "UTF-8"