Apply multiple DiagrammeR global graph attributes

apply_graph_theme(graph, ...)



The DiagrammeR::DiagrammeR graph to apply the attributes to.


One or more character vectors of length three, where the first element is the attribute, the second the value, and the third, the attribute type (graph, node, or edge).


The DiagrammeR::DiagrammeR graph.


exampleSource <- ' --- codes: - id: parentCode label: Parent code children: - id: childCode1 - id: childCode2 - id: childCode3 label: Child Code parentId: parentCode children: [grandChild1, grandChild2] --- '; parsedSource <- parse_source(text=exampleSource); miniGraph <- apply_graph_theme(data.tree::ToDiagrammeRGraph(parsedSource$deductiveCodeTrees), c("color", "#0000AA", "node"), c("shape", "triangle", "node"), c("fontcolor", "#FF0000", "node")); ### This line should be run when executing this example as test, because ### rendering a DiagrammeR graph takes quite long if (FALSE) { DiagrammeR::render_graph(miniGraph); }